This Dog Was Saved From Drowning In A River. When You See How He Shows His Gratitude, You’re Going To Melt!

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This dog was trapped in a Romanian river, and was struggling to get out but the surrounding walls were extremely high up. You can see him scratching at the rock walls, desperate to get out. He likely would have eventually wound up drowning or dying one way or another without food or clean water. Thankfully, a man spotted him and came to the rescue!

In the video, you can see this man go into the water to get him, climb over the wall, and trek through the rivers to bring him to safety. His rescue is amazing, but it’s his reaction after being saved that makes this video a million times better! He is SO happy afterwards, it’s so heart-warming to see! He’s running all around, wagging his tail a mile a minute, and getting love from his rescuer. Thank God this man saved this pup’s life!

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