This Dog Is Taking A Nap…But When The TV Turns Off, Watch What He Does!

Like kids, some dogs are very well-behaved, and some don’t listen at all. But this pup is one good listener and definitely follows all of the rules! No matter what day or time it is, when the television turns off, this dog, named Luke, knows it’s time for bed! His owner videotaped him taking naps on his doggy bed and on the floor in the living room for several consecutive days.

Whenever the television is turned off, it makes a noise. Luke could be in a dead sleep, but when he hears that noise, he immediately gets up and runs inside to bed! He knows that that sound means it’s bedtime! And unlike a fussy child, Luke goes right to bed, no questions asked! (Not that he could ask any even if he wanted to LOL) What a good pup!

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