Dog Gets ‘Arrested’ For Running Away From Home

I think all of us have experienced the pain and stress of having a dog run away from home. It happened recently in the village of Ziegenbach, Germany, when a little dog got away from his owners and went on a journey.

Although the dog was on his own as he traveled about the area, he did run into some new friends on bicycles and he got a little TLC before he moved on. As it turns out, those cyclists had an ulterior motive for being so kind. They ended up calling the cops.

On the Mittelfranken police Facebook page, officers posted information about a dog who was wandering about the area. The cyclists held onto the dog until the police arrived and then he was put in the back of the squad car.

Police are not necessarily known for taking selfies with known criminals in the backseat, but this dog was just too cute. They shared the picture on Facebook. The dog may have looked a little concerned about being in the back of a police car, but the police were all smiles.

As far as the police were concerned, the experience they had was “priceless.” It seems as if they are not alone in feeling that way. Hundreds of thousands of people liked the pictures as well.

Although they put the dog in the back of the squad car, they didn’t have any desire to put him in prison. They just wanted him to get home safely.

As it turns out, the police have been busy catching stray dogs in Germany. Just two weeks ago, a stray dog came up to the police and got a little help.

Let’s hope these two dogs learned a lesson and won’t end up in the slammer anytime soon.

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