Mom Builds Her Dog A Cozy Room Under The Stairs To Call Her Own

As pet owners, we just want our furbabies to have the absolute best. And that is why Natasha Hammond went out of her way to create a wonderful little escape for her baby, Coco.

The devoted dog mom created a private room for Coco as a special retreat of tranquility for her to cuddle up in. We have to say, the results are stunning.

After the project was complete, Natasha uploaded the pictures to the Mrs. Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group, where everyone was truly impressed with her handiwork.

Using the cupboard under her staircase, Natasha managed to eek out the perfect little nook for Coco.

Since Coco feels more relaxed when she’s in her crate, Natasha fitted the space with a crate door to simulate that comfort feeling for Coco. Inside the actual space, she provided her dog with a warm and cozy bed, a calming nightlight, plus a box stuffed full of her toys.

There were other little touches of creativity that she added as well to tie the room together – such as a small flower vase, a nice portrait, and some decorative decals that were paw prints.

Given how serene it is, no wonder Coco loves to spend time in her new digs.

As Natasha explained to Daily Mail, Coco loves to sleep within enclosed spaces because they make her feel safe and secure.

Her new room provides her with that same feeling of security as her crate, but with plenty of extra legroom.

And Coco isn’t the only one with praises for her lovely new rest area. The Facebook post got a lot of positive attention from people who were thoroughly impressed with Natasha’s work. Lots of people commented on her design skill and creativity, while many more expressed a desire to be able to recreate something similar for their own pets.

Coco is definitely one lucky dog to have a talented mama who could give her the dream doggie room!

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