Woman Jumps Into A River To Save A Drowning Dog With A Heavy Stone Tied Around Its Neck

There is a special place in hell for people who are cruel to animals.

On Monday the 6th of January, a dog was tossed into the River Trent in a drowning attempt, as there was a heavy stone tied to its neck.

Newark Police condemned the Belgian Shepherd’s owners for trying to kill her in an “evil and nasty” method.

Thankfully, a woman spotted the dog – whose name was registered as Bella back in 2010 – in Farndon in Newark at 8:45 am. She managed to pull her to safety.

The poor dog had a carrier bag attached to her lead with a huge rock inside. She is now being looked after by a local vet.

Officers are investigating the crime and they are appealing to the public to see if there is anyone who recognizes the dog, or if there were any witnesses who may have seen something suspicious in the area.

PC Pace said, “This was an evil and nasty thing to do to this poor dog and we are making every effort to find out who is responsible. If anyone has dash-cam or CCTV footage of vehicles in Long Lane that may show who was in the area at the time that would be really helpful.”

PC Pace added, “We are working with the RSPCA and are conducting microchip inquiries. Her name was recorded as Bella on her microchip but it is possible she may be known by another name if her owner has changed since then.”

Anyone with information who may be of help is urged to call 101 and use the incident number 103 from January 6th when giving their information.

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