Compassionate Dog Rescues Earthworms And Safely Takes Them Onto The Grass

Like a lot of kids, I grew up with a dog. She was a very sweet dog. She used to love to rescue the baby birds that fell out of their nests up in the avocado tree. In general, dogs are quite compassionate and empathetic animals.

But they don’t just show humans their caring side, they share their kindness with everyone – including other animals. And there was one border collie/German shepherd mix who showed a very deep affection for earthworms. That is correct. Holliday is an adorable pup who loves to rescue earthworms when she sees them out on the warm ground.

The compassionate dog was rescued from the Chicago-based rescue, Felines & Canines by her owner, Caitlyn Beebe. Beebe got the pooch when she was just a puppy. Regarding her pet’s desire to rescue earthworms, Beebe revealed that it was during a visit to her parents’ house that the dog started putting together the pieces. After it rained, Holliday would join Beebe’s mom on walks. If they came upon an earthworm on the ground, Beebe’s mom would pick it up and toss it back to the grass. Holliday observed this behavior and then began to imitate it herself!

Beebe said to The Dodo, “Now she does it all the time and will scour the road for lost earthworms and bugs to save. She will run over so excited, pick them up as gently as she can in her mouth, and then put them in the grass.”

Beebe caught Holliday’s rescue efforts on camera, and it was incredibly heartwarming to watch. The canine was so gentle when picking up the worms in her mouth and carefully carrying them over to the grass where she’d drop them.

Beebe was quite surprised by Holliday’s actions as she doesn’t display any normal dog behavior, like eating the worms or rubbing on them. Instead, she is quite caring. Beebe has even said that the pup will occasionally watch the worms once they’re in the grass, making sure that they are safe.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about her dog’s behavior, is that she’s never been trained to do it using treats or repetition. Instead, she just does it out of her own volition. It is such a sweet act and we can’t help but smile watching the video of Holliday’s worm rescue. The footage is also a perfect example of why we can learn a lesson in empathy from our pets.

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