Dog Becomes Adorable Foster Dad After Leading Rescuers To A Box Filled With Stray Kitten

Aragon is a rescue dog living up near the Immitos mountain in Greece, a location where he and his owner frequently take walks. The mountain has scenic views, but it also harbors a dark secret, which is seen through the many abandoned cardboard boxes that litter the forest paths.

That is because the sad reality is that area, among many others in Greece, is commonly used as a dumping ground for unwanted kittens.

Since the kittens are just babies, they’re completely defenseless against the wild animals that roam the area – hence the dozens of empty boxes.

Aragon’s owner is a volunteer with the animal rescue, SCARS, so she has a realistic grasp of the situation and wanted to do something to expose the harsh reality to others. That is when she decided to make a video exposing the helplessness of these animals who’ve been cruelly dumped on the mountainside.

As SCARS shared on their YouTube, “Almost every day [Aragon’s mom] finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain (sometimes with the blankets and the toys still inside), but no animals.”

One day, when Aragon’s owner went out to walk in the mountain, she brought along her camera in order to capture some footage for the video she was working on.

Given that abandoned kittens rarely last more than a few hours in the wild before being attacked by predators, Aragon’s owner was fully expecting to only capture the empty boxes that are a constant feature in the wild.

However, there was something that happened that Aragon’s owner did not expect.

As the pair were walking, Aragon suddenly noticed that he started to pull her towards a box, demanding her attention. When they looked inside, Aragon’s owner was surprised to find a whole litter of kittens – alive!

Incredibly, this little intrepid group of survivors managed to beat the odds long enough to be rescued.

Aragon and his owner took the kitten home with them, where Aragon immediately settled into the role of foster daddy.

Since he was the one who had found them in the first place, it seemed that he was very much determined to be there for their every need.

The sweet little babies were checked out by a vet and taken care of by the volunteers at SCARS, however, no one was as attentive and doting on them as Aragon – he really took his job seriously.

While Aragon and his kittens might not have been related to one another by blood, there was no doubt that they were bonded together as a family. He very much saw them as his children.

Aragon was quite a patient father with them, constantly playing with them, cuddling them, and giving them loads of his attention.

Thanks to Aragon’s gentleness and patience with them, the kittens were able to get a second chance at living a long and fulfilling life.

The SCARS people helped get the kittens back to health and all, but no one was as involved as Aragon – he was truly foster father of the year.

Watch the video below:

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