Owner Arrested After Dog Is Rescued From A 131 Degree Southern California Car

I think that all of us know by now that it is not a good idea to keep a dog locked in a car when it is hot outside. In fact, it’s more than not being okay, it can be deadly to the dog very quickly.

Unfortunately, it happens all too often. Some people may consider it to be a matter of negligence but it is certainly a matter of animal cruelty. That fact is clearly seen in the case of a small dog named Boomer. On Monday, a Riverside County Sheriff’s official reported on Facebook that the dog was seen inside of a parked car.

After the dog became unresponsive, it was rescued from the car by somebody who was passing by. It was not stated how they were able to get the dog out of the car.

The outside temperature was 99° at the time. Deputies later said that it was likely that the interior of the car had reached 131°F.

After deputies arrived, they took the little dog and put him in a patrol vehicle to get some air conditioning. Afterward, they found the owner of the dog and arrested them.

They also relieve them from ownership of the dog. Boomer is now in the care of the Ramona Humane Society.

People are being advised by the Sheriff’s Department not to leave pets or their loved ones in the vehicle when it is hot outside.

“Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach more than 120°F within minutes, even with the windows partly opened on a cloudy day,” the post states. “Exposure to such high temperatures can quickly kill a person or pet. A body temperature of just 107°F may cause brain damage or death from heatstroke.”

It is also important to protect large animals and livestock from hot temperatures. Many of those animals don’t have sweat glands so they rely on shade and moisture to stay cool.

“Animals cannot explain their needs, so it is up to people to ensures that their needs are met, especially during periods of extreme or prolonged heat,” the department wrote.

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