This Dog Was Trapped On A Ledge Outside A Second Story Window. His Rescue Had My Heart Pounding!

A man named James Morgan spotted what he thought to be a dog sitting in a second-floor window in Brooklyn. Then, he realized that the dog was outside of the window, trapped on the small ledge. It appears the dog had wiggled through the child guard on the window to get out, but then couldn’t get back in.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue this poor dog. He had slipped a few times and made it seem like he would jump at one point, so this rescue was anything but calm. It took some coaxing and the help from the pet food store next door to get him down. They gave the dog water, and tried to lure him with some treats.

As the firefighter went up in the crane to try and get this dog, people from all the local businesses came outside and crowded around to watch. The firefighter attached a leash and was finally able to lift the pup off the ledge and bring him to safety.

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