This Dog LOVES Bath Time. Just Look At How Relaxed He Is!

All dogs have different opinions of bath time. Some are sent running the second they hear the word “bath.” Some can’t get enough of the bath and love being in the water. Others are just indifferent; they don’t hate it but they don’t love it, and could really care less. Well, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a dog who enjoys bath time more than THIS adorable Golden Retriever!

He’s outside, lying on his back in a tub filled with water. His paw is resting over the side of the tub and his head is tilted back with his eyes closed and what looks like a big smile on his face. His human is lathering him up with soap and shampoo and the pup is loving every second of it. He’s so relaxed that it seems as if he has fallen asleep! His Golden brother is watching with clear envy in his eyes. He’s patiently waiting for his turn, wishing it were him in that tub!

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