This Dog Visits Classrooms To Motivate Children To Read. When He’s Told To Sit, My Jaw DROPPED!

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This adorable two-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever, named Fernie, has gone around to classes at Winford Primary School, near Bristol, England, to help give young children the motivation and confidence they need while learning how to read. But since starting the program, Fernie has learned some amazing things himself!

He can recognize the commands, ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ roll over,’ and ‘stay,’ written on four different flashcards. So basically Fernie is learning how to read too! He’s such a well-behaved and smart doggy. “He’s taught to listen to children read. So he comes and puts his chin on their lap, and he’ll look at the book, and the children can read to him,” said Nick Gardner, Fernie’s owner. “The dog makes no judgement of their reading, so it’s very motivational for children.”

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