This Mom and Son Are Doing Push-Ups. But, When I Saw The Dog Doing THIS? I Was On The Floor!

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We can always count on our pups to tag along with us in whatever we choose to do. This woman, Linda Gonzalez, was getting a work out in, when her son and German Shepherd, Baron, decided to join her! Working out is always better when you have workout buddies, so she’s one lucky lady! She’s in push-up position on a mat, next to her son who is also joining in on them. Wait until you see what the pup does!

When she does the down motion, her dog comes over and lies down next to her. Every time she goes up, he goes up too, and whenever she goes back down, he lies back down. I’m not sure if Baron understands what they’re doing, or if he thinks his humans are just very indecisive about their positions; but either way, this is adorable! He is a Czech working line Shepherd, though, so it’s good for him to get a good workout in! Baron is also kinda Instagram famous! You can follow him on his account here!

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