Mom Brings Puppy Home & Older Dog’s Reaction Has Everyone Melting

This story originally appeared at InspireMore.

Brothers and sisters don’t always get along, usually leaving parents crossing their fingers for an easy acclimation period. This goes for human offspring, as well as furry family members.

Regardless, Golden Retrievers’ in-born friendliness takes the tail-wagging to an entirely new level, whether you’re best friends or only recently acquainted. The heartwarming video below is no exception.


In the following clip, Mom walks into the house carrying a grocery bag, which leaves the bigger dog rapt with attention. Fortunately for this pooch, this week’s shopping includes something much better than dog biscuits and peanut butter.

Inside the bag is a baby golden retriever, which causes the older dog to wag his tail with delight and even do some twirls. He briefly checks to make sure the new puppy is real, before looking over his shoulder at Dad to make sure they can keep him.


Once Mom lifts the baby dog out of the bag, the older dog can barely contain his glee, at least if his wagging tail and joyful wiggles are any indication. There will be no sibling rivalry here. Apparently, this very good boy has always wanted to be a big brother!

Watch the older dog’s heartwarming reaction to his new baby brother!

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