This Special Contestant Got Simon Cowell To Do THIS. When I Saw Why He Got Out Of His Seat, Woah!

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There are plenty of talented dogs in this world, like Dagger aka Dogvinci who paints paw-some pictures. Or Otto the Bulldog who is great at skateboarding. Or Purin the Beagle who is the best doggy goaltender in the game! But I bet you’ve never seen a dog like this before!

This awesome pup, Cally the Wonderdog, LOVES balloons. But what she loves even more is popping them! She broke the record for the fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog, and showcased her skills on Britain’s Got Talent. Watch her pop them all in the video below. Even Simon Cowell was all smiles…and we all know that he isn’t easily impressed!

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