She Tells Her Dog To Play The Xylophone. Now Keep Your Eye On The Dogs Paws!

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Babies are adorable and so are little pups, so it’s always so cute to see them interacting with each other. In this video, you can tell that the family dog, a shih-poo, and her tiny six-month-old human are going to be the best of friends! Her owner tells her to check on the baby and she goes running up to her and wags her tail. But it’s what she does next that is even cuter!

She is then asked if she can play the xylophone. After receiving the command to “play it,” she takes her paw and starts pushing down on the xylophone keys. Then she walks back to her human, probably for some rewarding treats! When she’s told to play for a second time, she goes right back up to it and starts hitting it with her paw again, this time missing some keys, but it’s the effort that counts! After watching the dog, the baby crawls over to the xylophone. How cute is this dog for teaching her tiny human how to play the instrument?!

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