Golden Retriever Hits The Wind Chimes And Sings Along

Music is something that brings us all together. It’s truly the language of the universe, and something that animals can understand as well. And that is why an adorable dog, Bleu, has become her own one-dog band. She likes to sing while accompanying herself on a very unique instrument: wind chimes.

The 4-year-old golden retriever has been into her musical pursuits since she was a puppy. She discovered her love for music quite by accident – by literally running into a set of wind chimes, and that was the starting point of her musical career.

Posted by Bleu's Colon Clues on Monday, June 17, 2019

Ana Brown, her owner, recalls the day when she was out in the garden, hanging some wind chimes on an old garden hook. Nearly immediately after, Bleu made the accidental discovery of the chimes.

Brown said to The Dodo, “When she was really, really little, like 4 months old, she walked outside and her head hit the wind chimes because they were down so low. We kinda freaked thinking that would be horrible for her ears — but she just started singing.”

Bleu wishes you a Happy Friday!!

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Ever since that day, Bleu has the daily habit of going out into the garden in order to work on her music. Bleu normally wags her tail to play the wind chimes, before tossing back her head in song.

As Brown added, “It’s the most precious thing when she looks at you and sings, hitting her head against the wind chimes. I don’t know if she loves the sound, or if she knows she can play it herself. It’s almost like she tries to keep in tune with it.”

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Because of her unique musical stylings, she’s become quite the sensation on social media. When Brown uploaded a video of the musical dog and within the first 24 hours the video had been shared 100,000 times – and it didn’t stop there. The video went on to get 19.7 million views. Additionally, Brown is constantly being flooded with kind messages from people all over the world.

And all the fame in the world has not changed Bleu at all. She’s still the same fun-loving dog who loves to play her wind chimes. It has to be the same original set as always – she knows the difference and refuses to touch any others, including the nice, expensive ones.

Lazy summer day sing a song!

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Brown revealed, “My mom got us a really nice wind chime for Christmas and [Bleu] won’t touch it. She wants nothing to do with it. She just wants the wind chimes that she’s used to.”

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