Professional Athlete’s Dog Can Play Volleyball Better Than Most People

Most of us are indoors and trying to find ways of entertaining ourselves. That might come in the form of trying to take up a new skill or a language, making it through our reading list, getting on top of organization, or finally getting around to finishing an old DIY project. And as seen on an Instagram video uploaded by the Norwegian beach volleyball team, the desire to stay active isn’t just limited to humans.

As the team posted in a video, a dog named Kiara, was seen wanting to participate in some two-on-two volleyball games. Based on Kiara’s enthusiasm, it’s clear that she was really feeling like playing.

Even though Kiara might have cost her team a couple of points here and there, she certainly did a far better job than some people who’ve never played the sport before. Besides, it was just practice so there was no harm.

Not surprising to say, this isn’t Kiara’s first volleyball game, and it’s certainly not her last. There is another video that shows off Kiara’s skills as she practices reps with other players. And boy, does this canine have skill!

Kiara might not be able to play in the 2020 2020 Summer Olympic Games – which have been pushed to summer of 2021 – but she’ll definitely be there cheering for Norway who will be looking to take home gold medals for both the men’s and women’s events. Perhaps by the time the games come around, the Olympic Committee might have removed bans on letting animals play? We can only hope.

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