He Brings His Toy Up To A Doll. When I Saw What He Was Trying To Do, I Fell Off My Chair!

We all know that dogs love to play fetch. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, they’re always up for a game of it. This dog really wants to play fetch, but he is asking the wrong person. And by person, I mean a doll. LOL. This poor pup keeps giving the toy to the doll sitting on the couch, and doesn’t quite understand why she won’t throw it back to him.

He places the toy on the couch next to the doll, and then sits back, waiting for it to be thrown. When she doesn’t throw it right away (or ever), he barks at her and then picks the toy up and places it back down. He nudges it towards her, thinking it will help. But sadly, this pup is waiting for something that’s never going to happen! Hopefully he found a real human to play fetch with!

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