Dog Goes Viral After Beating His Owner In A Game Of Connect 4

It was an intense battle of the species.

Percy the cockapoo went viral after his owner, Sarah Shapiro-Ward, posted a video of him beating her at a game of Connect 4.

As seen in the video clip, Sarah can be heard telling Percy, “Go choose your piece,” before the cute canine picks up his yellow piece and plops it down, mid-center of the grid.

Once he did, Sarah tells Percy, “Nice opening move, Perce!”

Even though Sarah constantly had to remind Percy when his turn to play was, the little dog still proved that he had a few tricks up his sleeve, making his own specific moves.

However, Percy did try to pull one over on Sarah by picking up three yellow pieces in his mouth. However he had a little trouble getting them into the grid – he dropped all of them except one.

But Sarah called him out on it, saying, “Oh! You picked up three. That is definitely cheating.”

Despite his near cheat, he still won the game. He stacked four yellow discs in a vertical row.

Nevertheless, Sarah congratulated the winner, saying, “Oh, good job. Nice win!”

While Percy may look like a whiz at Connect 4, Sarah revealed that he actually doesn’t possess the memory skills needed to be a master strategist.

Sarah, who works as an instructor at Toronto’s When Hounds Fly Positive Dog Training, confessed to the New York Post, “Once the token has gone in, he doesn’t know it’s there anymore. But he likes to play, so I cheer him on.”

And enjoying the game is really what it’s all about. Enjoy Percy!

For more of his Connect 4 adventures, follow him on Instagram under his username, @Prancing_Percy.

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