Rescue Dog Finds A Way To Get Into Every Christmas Card Photo

Dogs are a great addition to any family. They’re so loving and silly, they will instantly brighten up your day. Dogs are the reason a house becomes a home for many. One dog named Penny did just that.

Penny is an adorable pooch who was adopted by the Greenstein family.

Initially, Penny was thought to be a quiet and reserved little pup, since that is how she acted when she first arrived at the animal shelter. Penny had been rescued alongside her 11 brothers and sisters after the puppies were discovered discarded in a box beside a dumpster.

However, it seemed that Penny just needed a forever home in order to come out of her shell. Once the Greenstein family brought her home, it became clear that she was one adorably hyper pup. And she fit right in with the Greenstein kids.

In fact, it is her silly nature that has turned their family Christmas card into a riot. While mom, Deanna Greenstein, tried tirelessly to get the perfect picture, Penny wouldn’t stop photobombing the photoshoot. Eventually, the family gave in and just let Penny do her thing.

The resulting pictures turned out to be a hoot and a half. No doubt the people receiving that Christmas card were tickled pink by the resulting picture!

How do your dogs cooperate when trying to take a family photo? Let us know!

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