You’ve Never Seen Parkour Done Quite Like This! Witness This Talented Pup’s Acro Skills!

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Everyone remembers the parks craze of late. For those of you who might still be unfamiliar, parkour is the sport of moving rapidly through an urban area by running, jumping, flipping, and climbing. And it turns out humans aren’t the only ones getting in on this craze! Turns out even dogs enjoy themselves some parkour!!

This talented little pooch’s name is Jumpy, and for good reason!! Did you see the air this little pup can get?! He’s got some serious hops! But seriously, how cute is it that this owner and his dog found an activity they can enjoy together?? I don’t think me and my pug will be hitting the streets with some wild parkour moves anytime soon, but I guess we’ll have to be satisfied by living vicariously through this talented duo!

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