Dog Goes Overboard And Swims 6 Miles To Shore To Reunite With Her Family

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The Casas family’s dream vacation became every pet owner’s nightmare. During a boating excursion on Lake Michigan, they discovered their beloved Belgian Malinois was missing. The boat had stopped due to electrical issues and Ed and Kristin Casas were working on the issue when they noticed they hadn’t seen their 10-month-old pooch, Rylee. After searching the boat, they realized the dog must have fallen overboard.

After sending out a “dog overboard” call, people from all around the water began to look for the dog. Many boaters reported seeing Rylee swimming in the water. One fisherman was able to locate the dog and dropped her off at the shore.

As Rylee walked through a local campground, more and more reports came in of potential sightings.

Twenty-four hours later, Rylee was reunited with her owners. The Casas were shocked to discover that their pet had not only swam around 6 miles, but walked several more once she was back on shore to find her family.

Check out Rylee’s story on this exclusive footage from a local media outlet.

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