Grieving Orphaned Foal Found Comfort in The Presence of a Caring Dog

Due to inevitable situations, some young animals are forced to be orphans and are taken in by rescue centers to ensure survival. Animals aren’t exempted from feeling grief and experiencing loss. They will mourn their loved one’s death which you’ll see in their behavior. You’ll notice a decrease in appetite, the animal gets timider, or they just sadly lay down somewhere. They understand sorrow even at a young age — a sad truth that easily tugs your heartstrings.

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That’s why rescue centers and adoptive families are vital for their health. Baby animals should be accompanied with great care to nurse them back to health emotionally. Rescue center staff would even dress up as adult versions of the animal. Through that method, they still find comfort in knowing that someone like their parents is around. Other rehabilitation would also train the young one to survive to make it look like the parent is teaching them. Everyone is given a choice on how to cope. For a twelve-day-old foal, a friend or an adoptive dad comforted him after his mother’s death.

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Tye, the orphaned foal, lost his mother because she had to be euthanized. She was a 22-year-old horse named Sandy, a resident of Karla Swindle’s S & K Quarter Horses in Alabama. The foal might have lost her, but he was never left alone. Aside from Karla, her dog Zip took on the role of Tye’s best friend and adoptive dad. Their beautiful bond grew from Zip’s ability to sense someone’s grief. Whenever Tye would lay down in sadness, Zip would accompany him and offer comfort by lying beside the foal. Dogs are undoubtedly emotionally intelligent — Zip not only noticed the pain, but he also took action.

As time went on for them, Zip became Tye’s guardian and showered the orphaned foal with affection. Tye has seen hope, and, surely, his mother in paradise would be happy with the changes in him. He is content and healthy on the farm — he’ll be a handsome horse someday. You can never really doubt a dog’s ability to bring sunshine to those around them. They truly are symbols of hope, comfort, and genuine love. Everything about their story is heartwarming, and a glimpse is shown in the video below. May their friendship continue in the long run, even when Tye grows up and is ready to explore his world.

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