Family Brings Home Their Newborn Baby To Introduce To Their Dog. The Pup’s Reaction Is Priceless!

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Many people have dogs before they have children, so our pups are like our first kids! Some people might think they’re just pets, but to us, they’re family!

When the time finally comes for us to bring a human child into the world, it could be nerve-racking to think of how our dogs will handle it. Just like human children, dogs can get jealous too! Our only hope is that the dog will be accepting of the baby and will love him or her.

This family brought home their newborn to meet their dog for the first time, and the result couldn’t have gone any better. The dog’s tail was moving a mile a minute, and he was clearly so happy and excited to meet his new human brother!

You have to be careful when introducing a dog to your baby. Regardless of how friendly your dog is, always make sure that they keep a certain distance and that you are always there to supervise! The family in this video was extremely cautious when doing so!

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