Guys Beg The Neighbor To Let Them Play With Their Dog, Get A Hilarious Response From ‘The Pup’

Much of the news that we hear is negative but every once in a while, something comes across our desks that make us smile from the heart. That is the case with Stevie Ticks, a dog in the UK that recently befriended four engineers who lived in the area.

Those young men contacted the owner of the dog to see if they could play with her since their landlord didn’t allow them to have pets.

They weren’t expecting much but they got a letter from Stevie Ticks in return. The envelope even had a dog’s paw print on the front.

The story was posted by Jack McCrossan on Twitter and he talked about how the owners, Chris and Sarah felt about their dog.

Jack and his roommates wanted to play with Stevie Ticks, the neighbor’s dog.

They never expected to get such a beautiful letter in return.

The letter was actually sent by Stevie!

She loved the idea of playing with them.

“Stevie has met up with “the boys” twice now. One brief introduction and then she went to play at the local park together. More adventures in the future I’m sure! They got on so well. Stevie is super friendly all the time, and had always loved meeting new folks,” Chris told Bored Panda.

“She’s a 2.5-year-old sheprador. Originally from Cyprus. She was hit by a car, had surgery and was then flown to a shelter in the UK where she was swiftly rescued by me and Sarah. She loves playing tug, chasing birds and licking feet,” Chris revealed.

The engineers met up with the dog and had a great time.

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