Family Reunites With Their Dog After A Year Apart

It’s a rotten feeling when your pet goes missing. The only thing that you’re concerned with is their safety. Your mom races to so many horrible possibilities as you try to find them as quickly as possible.

For the lucky pet owners, their pet’s disappearance is merely a false alarm and they’re found within hours or days of having gotten out. But for others, the nightmare drags on. And the very unfortunate pet owners never see their beloved pets again.

For one family down in Alva, Florida, they had been missing their pup for more than a year. Even though it seemed like they were never going to see her again, they were in for a surprise when the Lee County Domestic Animal Services reached out to them. As it turned out, their pup named Georgia had been found. She had been brought into the shelter by a kind stranger who had found her looking a little worse for wear.

At the Lee County Domestic Animal Services, the stray pooch was scanned for a microchip and that resulted in her finally being reunited with her family.

Georgia was a little skinny from her time on the streets but other than that she was healthy and happy to be home. And her family were so thrilled to have her back with them.

One of the dog’s owners, Kristen Gropp Pacifico, wrote, “today we get a knock on the door from Animal Services and they found her! We just picked her up!! She is in very rough shape, extremely thin. Long road ahead but we will get there and are so happy to be bringing her home! Chip your animals folks! Only way we ever would have been contacted!!”

As a shelter employee, Karen Fordiani, stated according to WINK news, the shelter was so excited that they could help facilitate such a reunion. She was happy that the Good Samaritan who brought her into the shelter had chosen to do the right thing because it resulted in one family’s nightmare coming to an end after over a year.

The Lee County Domestic Animal Services further added the importance of microchipping. The Animal Services stated that the microchips, which only cost $10, can be the best investment ever as they increase the chances of you finding a lost pet by as much as 54%. You really can’t put a price on love when it comes to your pets.

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