Tiny Dog Has No Clue His Daddy He Hasn’t Seen In Months Is About To Walk Into The Room

If you’ve ever been around a dog that is missing their owner, you realize just how sad they can be. Miss Poppy is just such a dog and she hasn’t seen her owner for two months. Suddenly, however, her wildest dreams are about to come true and she perks up as she looks toward the door.

Immediately, Miss Poppy jumps up and rushes over to her dad. She is a smaller dog, so she can’t jump into his arms and she begins circling his feet frantically and barking. It almost seems as if the dog is giving Michael a piece of her mind for staying away and forgetting about her. It’s so cute!

She eventually gets tired of barking and goes back over to lay down again. Even when she is in her bed, however, she still is yipping.

Photo: YouTube / Michael Tully

You can see the heartfelt reunion in this video:

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