Minnesota Town Elects A Dog As The Mayor For The Third Time

The city of Cormorant, Minnesota, has just elected a new mayor and once you find out who it is, you might be shocked. A nine-year old Great Pyrenees was elected mayor of the town and it isn’t his first time either. Duke the dog is entering his third term as mayor of the Minnesota town and residents say they are happy with his leadership. In fact, the citizens say the dog has done great things for their town and has united them as one.

Duke’s owners says the mayor spends much of his time helping out on his family’s farm. After all, the town of Comorant only consists of twelve residents, so there isn’t much that needs to be done. Each citizen paid a dollar to cast their vote for the beloved dog.

In fact, Duke won by a landslide with only a couple votes going to his opponent, his girlfriend, Lassie. Check out more about Duke’s story in this video from The Daily Mail.

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