Google Street View Captured A Shiba Chasing A Camera Car For Several Blocks

It’s hard not to get excited when the Google Maps car passes by. For this dog in Japan, the opportunity to make history was just too much.

Redditor Big_Ballz posted a moving slideshow of the perky pup as it identified its target and bounded off in chase. He titled it “The chase of the year” on the r/aww subreddit
Of course, this dog could invariably hold the top title for several years more, if the street view isn’t updated.

Source: Reddit/u/Big_Ballz
The dog spots a carefully moving mapping vehicle.

Reddit’s reaction, of course, was an outpouring of upvotes.

“I thought he just wanted to be on Google Maps. I know I follow that car every time I see it driving around,” commented u/regoapps.

Source: Reddit/u/Big_Ballz
The chase is on!

Some even surmised what the dog must have been thinking.

“Hah! Another intruder intercepted and run off my territory!” wrote u/IncendiaryIdea.

“Damn, outside of my jurisdogtion,” commented u/Dicethrower.

Source: Reddit/u/Big_Ballz
This Corgi wasn’t about to slow down.

And from u/Sexy_State_of_Mind, a historically inaccurate reenactment, that may have just been part of Forrest Gump, imagining Tom Hanks as this dog.

Reporter #2: Are you doing this for world peace?
Reporter #3: Are you doing this for women’s right?
Newsman: Or for the environment?
Reporter #1: Or for animals?
Reporter #3: Or for nuclear arms?
DOG: [narrating] They just couldn’t believe that somebody would do all that running for no particular reason.
Reporter #2: Why are you doing this?
DOG: I just felt like running!

Source: Reddit/u/Big_Ballz
Follow the fun on Google Street View.

In all, Street View dog received a lot more fake Internet points than it will likely ever understand.
“How excitement,” commented u/KeithMyArthe. “It had thrills, suspense, action, Emmy class acting chops, and a dog. We gave it 5 things. 🌟🌟🌟🌟”

See for yourself in the video below!

The chase of the year from r/aww

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