Dog Loses Her Mind When She Sees That It Is Snowing

Dogs teach us so many things, like how to love unconditionally, but especially how to live in the moment. An adorable puppy cannot contain her excitement when she glances out the slider and sees that it is snowing.

The white flakes gently falling from the sky usually excites children – and apparently puppies. Most adults dread winter and snow is considered a four letter word that is not to be spoken. This puppy demonstrates how much fun fresh falling snow can be.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

In anticipation, the dog leaped in the air in front of the slider waiting to be let out. As soon as the door opened the pup dashed through the snow. Her tail never stopped wagging as she sprinted laps around the backyard. The wiggle butt returned to entice her mother to join her in the snow.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

A few snowballs were tossed in the air for the pup to catch. The little dog was in a winter wonderland and she couldn’t be happier. We all can learn from this pup to pause and play in the snow. It may just make winter a little more tolerable.

Watch the adorable video below of a little pup who loves to play in the snow. It will make your day.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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