This Dog Loves Scratches, But When His Human Stops Petting Him, Watch His Paws!

What dog doesn’t love belly rubs? It’s like the equivalent of a massage for us. They’re relaxing, and feel good, especially after a long and tiring day. Buddydog the rescued Staffordshire Bull Terrier LOVES his belly rubs! You can tell by the look on his face that they’re very comforting for him. But once you start rubbing his tummy, you can’t stop!

One, because he’s so cute. And two, because you literally can’t stop, Buddydog won’t let you! He’s sitting there like a human, while his owner is rubbing his tummy, and every time he stops, Buddydog takes his paw and pulls his human’s hand up to his belly again. He does it every single time his owner stops. I wonder if his human’s hand ever gets tired from petting him for so long because he probably never lets him stop! I wouldn’t mind rubbing him forever though; Buddydog is adorable!

Source: Bull Terrier refuses to let his owner stop rubbing his tummy by JonOwst on Rumble

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