People Are Struggling To Understanding What’s Wrong With This Dog Photo

Not everything is as it seems, and sometimes, our eyes can play tricks on us. We may even play tricks on our own eyes on purpose through optical illusions. It can be great fun and an easy way to pass an afternoon, but there are also times when optical illusions may be bordering on freakishly strange.

A good example of this is a picture that has been circulating online recently. When you first look at the picture, you might be wondering exactly what you are looking at! Let me put your mind at ease, it’s a perfectly normal dog by anyone’s standards, but it is looked at in such a way that it creates an unusual optical illusion.

If you look at the picture long enough, you will see that it is an adorable, white dog laying on a blue blanket. When you first look at it, however, you might wonder what kind of animal it is! Are you looking at a goat? Perhaps it is a pig? Some people have even wondered if it might be a horse.

Take a look at the picture for yourself and see what you see:

After you look at the picture long enough, you might actually see what you are supposed to see. It just proves that you can’t always trust your eyes.

At the bottom of the picture, you likely saw what you thought to be a mouth, but it is actually an ear. The mouth is pointing up, but you probably thought it was an ear.

Here is the same picture rotated sideways. Does it make it easier to see the truth?

Dogs know some amazing tricks, but sometimes they take things to an extreme. I would say that this dog’s trick is the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

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