Pomeranian-Husky Mix Goes Viral For Looking Just Like A Tiny Fox

This pretty doggie is definitely getting a lot of attention for her stunning appearance.

Mya is a “pomsky,” which is a cross between a Pomeranian and Husky. In this case, the resulting mix leaves her looking like a fox!

Given her brilliant, fire-red fur and ice-blue eyes, there is little wonder that social media would become obsessed with her elegant beauty. Especially those eyes – they’re absolutely mesmerizing!

Pictures of her have gone viral, resulting in Mya gaining herself a cool 40,000 followers on Instagram. She’s well on her way to being a top pet-influencer at this rate!

Take a look at some of her pictures below:

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Anastasia is an American writer and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. Her Twitter is @AnastasiaArell5.
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