This Energetic Dog Shows The Life Of A Dog Through The Eyes Of A Selfie Stick!

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This energetic pup, fittingly named Jumpy, loves to hurdle and leap over things. In this video, you can see him jumping over stacked boxes on the street, a big pile of branches in the grass, and a can on the beach. When you see how fast he runs and how high he has to jump, you will be impressed!

But it isn’t your typical video. All of this footage was captured with a selfie stick that Jumpy is holding in his mouth. And to make it even better, the video is in slow motion; so you get to see how awesome his hurdles really are! Aside from jumping, it’s obvious that Jumpy also really loves the beach and the ocean. You can see him jumping in the water over waves, and the beautiful landscape is all captured by the selfie stick!

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