A Dog Was Drowning In The Middle Of A Freezing Lake. Then A Hero Jumped In To Save Him

A dog was stranded in the middle of a freezing lake and was struggling to stay afloat. He was so exhausted from treading water, that it made it even more difficult to keep himself up.

On top of the exhaustion, the water was freezing, so it was most likely sending the dog’s body into shock and hypothermia.

That’s when a man saw the dog struggling and stripped down so he could jump into the cold waters to save him. The man didn’t care how cold the water was; the only thing on his mind was saving this poor dog’s life.

The rescue was caught on camera, and thankfully the man was successfully able to carry the dog to safety. It’s unknown how the dog got into the lake in the first place, but all that matters is that he is now safe, and most importantly, warm!

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