Man Introduces A Tiny Kitten To His Dog. The Dog’s Reaction Will Melt Your Heart!

When a baby is born, introducing him or her to the family is always so special and a great moment. Especially when the baby’s siblings get to see him or her for the first time!

The same goes for animals! This pet owner brought home his new baby kitten to introduce to his dog, Molly. I’m sure it was a nerve-wracking moment, not knowing how the dog would react to her new kitty sibling. But after seeing this video of their initial meeting, I bet the owner was able to let out a big sigh of relief.

The owner holds the kitten out to the dog, who is sitting on the bed. The dog immediately starts wagging her tail while sniffing her new sibling. She gets so excited over it, that she gets up and starts playfully hopping around the bed.

Once the dog was used to the kitten, their owner put the kitten down on the bed next to her. The dog was so gentle with the kitty, sniffing and licking it. It’s obvious that these two are going to get along great, and the dog will be the best big sister ever!

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