This Sneaky Dog Is Up To No Good. When You See What He Does, You’ll Be Amazed!

Dogs amaze us in many different ways. Sometimes they can be extremely sneaky and do things that we’d never imagine they’d do. They always wait until humans aren’t around to perform these sneaky acts, but unfortunately for them, they usually get caught eventually.

This dog thought he was being sly, but little does he know, his entire act was caught on film. He manages to jump up onto the counter, and then stands up and reaches all of the snacks that are above the cabinets! His humans probably thought keeping them up there would be safe, but they had no idea that their pup would manage to reach all the way up there! Dog-proofing the house for this little guy is nearly impossible!

Source: No Snack Can Escape This Dog’s Reach by AFV on Rumble

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