Stray Dog Interrupts Soccer Match And Ends Up Getting Adopted By A Player

When it comes to professional soccer, both the players and fans in Potosi, Bolivia take this sport very seriously. Perhaps that is why some were amused but others were frustrated when a dog interrupted a game by running onto the field with a soccer shoe in his mouth.

In the end, the dog became more than an interruption, he became a beloved pet.

The stray dog wasn’t out there to cause a disruption, you could tell by his body language that he was out to have a good time. He was being playful, running around with the shoe until one player got close enough to grab him.

That player did more than stop the dog, he picked him up and carried him off the field. It all happened after about three minutes of interruption to the game, but the player wasn’t interested in the interruption, he was interested in the dog.

As the dog worked his way around the field quickly, a referee and the players were doing their best to get hold of him. Raul Castro was the player who eventually got his hands on the dog.

Later, Castro discovered that same dog was hit by a car. He immediately called the shelter and offered to adopt him.

In a game that often has a winner and a loser, it looks like the dog was the real winner this day.

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