Watching The Way This Dog Interacts With This Little Boy Had Me In TEARS.

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This little boy who has down syndrome is very shy, but his yellow Labrador friend just wants him to know how loved he is. The pup keeps putting his paw on the boy as if he was trying to let him know that everything is okay. At first the boy is hesitant, maybe even afraid and scoots away from the dog. But the dog does not give up. He keeps inching his way closer to the boy and continues to put his paw on him.

Finally, the little boy realizes that the Lab is very gentle and just wants to give him love. The little boy accepts his offer and hugs the dog back. Thankfully, this beautiful moment was captured on film for the world to see. This video just shows how amazing dogs are and how they never judge us, and always love us for who we are!

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