A Dog Notices His Owner Has Had A Bad Day. So, He Stands Up On His Hind Legs To Do THIS.

We all know that dogs can sense when their owners are sad, happy or upset. As some of the most loyal animals on Earth, dogs will go to great lengths for their owner. For example, this video shows just how far one dog will go to cheer up his owner. Sometimes you just need a good hug to get over the woes of the day and as this video shows no one can do that better than your furry four-legged friend.

This sweet Golden Retriever is seen embracing his owner with a sweet hug. He even lays his head on her shoulder. Just look at that expression of comfort and bliss.

It is no secret that dogs forge a special bond with their owners, but it is obvious that this dog really loves his owner. This lady in the video definitely has a true friend for life and the most adorable hugging buddy!

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