Dog Makes His Own Musical Instrument Out Of A Toilet Paper Roll

We all have our own unique talents – some of them more quirks than actual talents. Even our dogs have their own little special talents that delight us. And most of these moments are a result of our dogs trying to entertain themselves.

Our dogs are very cute and they always find a way to bring a smile to our faces. And the adorable little pooch in the video below is no exception. He has discovered a musical side to his personality, and it is something that has been entertaining the internet.

Apparently, this clever pooch figured out how to construct his very own megaphone using a simple household item: an empty toilet paper roll.

In the video below, you can see how much fun the little pup is having entertaining himself with his new toy. Even his owner is impressed, inquiring as to what he’s got in his mouth. The dog doesn’t seem to be fazed and just wants to carry on having fun.

Watch below:

What do you think of this pup?

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