This Dog’s Favorite Hobby Is Horseback Riding and He Has Loved It Since He Was a Pup

With how brilliant and fun-loving dogs are, it’s not surprising that they’ll also have hobbies. Pet parents engage them in various interests that both of them will enjoy. They may take their dogs for a swim, hike, run, or even teach them how to surf. It’s an exciting way to build a bond with your pup — you’ll know them even better in every activity you do together. Surprisingly, some dogs do not need training, as they naturally have fun with a particular hobby. Dogs learn such skills through observation, especially when exposed for long periods of time. It can also be a result of being friends with another animal involved in that activity. For instance, Robin, the dog horseback rider, and Teddy, his horse best friend.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

You can tell that Robin has a future in equestrian as you see him naturally ride on Teddy. Emily, his human mom, has witnessed how her pup built so much love for horseback riding. It became a part of Robin’s daily routine on the farm. He’d wait for Emily by the door, ask her to open it, and then he’d run to Teddy as soon as he got out. Robin always greets his favorite horse with so much excitement. There is lots of jumping and circling around before he settles himself on Teddy’s back. He really feels comfortable there — showing a smile because he knows Teddy and he will have another amusing day.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The best buds are inseparable, and Teddy doesn’t mind if Robin suddenly gets on top of him. They go around the farm and play inside the stable. It’s like the two have their own world whenever they are together. Despite the difference, it seems Robin and Teddy understand each other very well. “They have been friends for over three years now. Robin’s grown up with Teddy,” Emily shared. “Robin started riding Teddy pretty much the first night I brought him home. Their relationship is one of the most important things in his whole little life,” she added.

Aside from horseback riding, they also love a game of chase. They race one another, and both of them are competitive. Robin funnily provokes Teddy — trying his best to prove that he’s faster whenever he’s in the lead. Emily also participates in the fun. She accompanies them while on horseback. It’s always a fun day out with them, especially when the two of them show their hilarious personalities. Robin even steals carrots for Teddy. He was caught in the act after Emily arranged a hidden camera near the cabinet. Emily also found out that the two conspired together.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

They surely are a silly duo, and you can witness that in the video below. Their antics and bonding moments will truly amaze you and give you a reason to laugh. You can follow them on Instagram as well. Robin might even inspire you to learn horseback riding, especially if learning a new hobby is listed in your new year’s resolutions.

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