What Do You Get When You Put A Horse, Dog, And A Skateboard Together! One Incredible Time!

It’s impossible to deny that skateboarding looks pretty darn fun and cool. Sadly, despite all the depictions we see in video games, in movies, and on TV, it turns out that skateboarding is REALLY, REALLY HARD! Just standing up and riding is tough. However, just like a parent holding your bike when you take the training wheels off, it’s much easier to have a helper keep you up when you’re learning. Apparently, that trick works for animals as well as humans!

LOL! This is amazing! This horse is such a good helper! This dog’s face says it all! She looks like she is having the time of her life! She is even smiling, she looks so happy! I can watch this so many times and it will still make me laugh! Enjoy the show!

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