His Owner Ran A Quick Errand, But This Impatient Dog Just Couldn’t Wait!

When people in this parking lot heard a car horn honking, they had no idea who was doing it. The discovery was hilarious. It seems one highly intelligent dog got a little impatient waiting for his owner to finish up at the store.

As the horn continued to repeatedly honk, people investigated where it was coming from. They were shocked to discover a pooch behind the wheel blaring the horn louder and faster the longer he had to wait. People passing by couldn’t help grabbing their cellphones to capture the hilarious footage. You can hear the laughter of the store’s customers as the impatient dog simply wants his owner to drive them home.

The person that uploaded the video explained that the dog was not in danger or harmed in any way. The footage was shot in Russia on a day where the weather was fair and comfortable. The window had also been left open to give the animal plenty of fresh air.

Witnesses say the owner returned and the dog happily returned to the passenger seat for the ride home. See the hilarious footage for yourself.

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