5 ways to keep your dog (and home) safe when you are away

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Dogs are independent animals by nature, but even when you are not home they still rely on you for their safety and security. Dogs themselves can be great for home security with their barking scaring off an intruder, but it just as important to make sure your beloved pet is protected from intruders and other dangerous elements such as fire. Make sure your pup is safe and sound when you are away by following these tips on pet and home security.

1. “Beware of dog” sign

Advertising you have a dog may ward off potential intruders with a “beware of dog” sign, even if you pooch is a lovable lap dog. Most thieves will be wary of entering, or will not enter at all, if they believe you have a protective dog inside. Similarly, advertising that you have an alarm system installed will also help prevent unwanted thieves from entering. The combination of an alarm system and a guard dog will greatly protect your home and everything in it.

2. Don’t ignore separation anxiety

If your dog suffers with separation anxiety when you leave, don’t let him suffer. Either work with him to learning to become more independent, or buy him a Thundershirt — a tight jacket which hugs his body and calms him down. This product worked wonders on Oliver, my 80-Ibs aussiepoo. Another trick is to wear out your pup before you leave (a nice long run) and keep their minds occupied (buy them a new toy). Helping your dog with their separation anxiety will not only benefit your pup mentally, but will protect your home from damage caused by your dog acting out, such as chewing on furniture.

3. Turn off your lamps

Before you leave home, it is important to turn off all your lamps. This will ensure that your pup will not knock over one and accidentally start a fire. While we’re on the topic, though, it’s definitely a good idea to consider buying pet fire rescue stickers which can notify firemen that you have a pet inside needing to be rescued in the event that there is a fire in your home while you’re gone.

4. Install a camera

Another way to avoid mishaps, particularly with puppies, is to install one or more cameras in your home so you can check in on your pup while away. When I was crate-training Oliver, I connected my computers’ camera to my phone so I could make sure he hadn’t snuck out of the crate (which did happen, unfortunately). It is an easy and relatively inexpensive way, depending on what type of security camera you purchase, of keeping your home and pets safe while away. Some home security systems even include infrared sensors, which can be an easy way for you to receive an alert if your pet enters a room it’s not allowed to be in. Check out Dropcam for an affordable option.

5. Tell a neighbor

Tell a neighbor when you are leaving so they can keep their eyes and ears out for any noise from your pup or any activity near your home. Never leave your dog alone for more than eight hours. If you have to be away from home longer than eight hours, even if he has a doggy door and food to last, make sure you hire a puppy sitter or take him to a friendly kennel.

Your dog is your guardian, your best friend, and your baby, and if he needed to, he would protect you. Make sure you are also protecting him by ensuring your home is secure from intruders and fire, and your best friend is protected from his own desire to make trouble!

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