Dog Rescued After Getting Stuck In A Hole While Searching For Food

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One stray dog is thanking some Good Samaritans after getting stuck in a strange situation.

It all started when villagers in Peru’s rural area of San Martin came across a white dog with only her head sticking out of the ground. It appears that Nikki the dog had gone searching for food. Her mission led her through a canal and she had went through a large hole to search. When she emerged out of the second hole, it was only big enough for her head.

The dog would of been stuck forever, but the villagers spotted the dog’s distress. As the group figured out a plan to free Nikki, others gave her water and kept her calm. The amazing rescue was caught on camera and shows the villagers drilling the hole to make it bigger and get the dog out.

After a quick exam by a vet, Nikki was given a clean bill of health and had no injuries from her ordeal.

Check out this footage from the Daily Record:

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