This Dog Sure Does Agree With The Beatles… He Just Really Really Wants To Hold Your Hand! LOL!

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Oftentimes, puppies just can’t get enough affection from their owners. They absolutely love being pet, having their bellies rubbed, and getting a chance to play fetch with their favorite human. But, it turns out, this puppy needs a bit more affection than your typical dog, especially when he hops in the car for a drive with his owner.

The adorable, little guy dislikes driving without being able to hold his owner’s hand!! Could it get any cuter?? Apparently, it can. After getting to hold his owner’s hand for a bit, the beautiful pup even leans over and rests his head on his owner’s shoulder! What a sweetheart!! Turns out this pup has something in common with the famous boy band, The Beatles: He just really wants to hold your hand!

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