This Dog Was Hit By A Car That Didn’t Stop. When They Looked At His X-Rays, They Couldn’t Believe It!

Manual SKM medrec

This poor pup, named Evan, was hit by a car that didn’t even stop to see if he was okay. Thankfully, a nearby neighbor witnessed the accident and ran out to get the dog who was then taken to Vet Ranch. He was limping, was covered in dirt, and had many ticks and fleas. They did an x-ray and got started on treatment.

The x-ray showed that the painful area was swollen but luckily was just a soft tissue sprain and not a broken bone. Then he gave Evan a bath, and you can see all of the mud pour off of him into the tub. After his bath, he noticed that he had a lot of little wounds that he gave him medicine for. He also neutered him. Five days later, Evan was feeling great and much happier and was running around the clinic, wagging his tail, and his limp was all gone! And it gets even better…the person who found him adopted him!

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