Senior Dog with Hip Dysplasia Has His Own Elevator at Home

A pet parent’s role does not end during the puppy stage. You are responsible for your dog until he reaches old age. A dog’s senior years are the time to be more observant towards their health. Bit by bit, health complications will show, and you have to be aware of possible diseases your dog might acquire. Senior dogs are most likely prone to heart, kidney, and liver disease — cancer is also possible. Taking care of an old dog is as crucial as taking care of a puppy. It’s important to ensure that you can provide for medical needs and regular vet checkups.

Aside from complications in their vital organs, older dogs are prone to hip dysplasia. Dogs with this medical condition would rather sit than stand due to the pain they feel in their hip. Hip dysplasia means a loose joint because the longest bone in the leg does not fit into the hip socket.

A senior dog from South Carolina has been having trouble with his hip dysplasia. The 15-year-old dog’s name is Jackson, and he is well-loved by his family. It was hard for the family to see Jackson try to go downstairs because of his condition. Their love for the senior dog has no limits, making them invest in an elevator for him.

The elevator would make Jackson’s life easier — he can go downstairs without feeling any pain. He can join the family anywhere, but he must be assisted using the elevator. Logan posted a video on TikTok and showed how the elevator works. The transparent tube-shaped elevator can only transport one person — specifically Jackson. It was installed during home renovations but was built for older homeowners. For now, the yellow Labrador gets all the benefits of having an elevator at home.

Logan posted three TikTok videos about Jackson’s elevator. All of it has reached millions and thousands of views. The family’s new home feature has piqued the interest of many people. Logan’s comment section became a question-and-answer section. She willingly answered all inquiries and shared a video showing how Jackson gets out of the elevator. Others questioned investing in an elevator. However expensive, wouldn’t it be nice to provide something helpful for your dog when you have the resources? Pets deserve to live a comfortable life until old age. It is great to have the resources to make their final years the best and most memorable ones.

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