Woman Sees Fluffy Figure Lying In The Road, Then She Darts Across Busy Highway To Rescue Him

Motorist Vero Salgado, who is part of an animal-support organization, was driving on the highway between Mexico City and Pachuca, when she noticed an injured dog trapped on the side of the busy four-lane road.

She didn’t even hesitate to rescue the poor dog, who was just lying there unable to move in traffic. She waited for a gap in traffic before racing across the four lanes to the dog. He was nervous at first but Salgado was able to coax the injured dog to come to her. She then placed a belt around him and used it as a leash.

She carried the pup back to her car and rushed him to the nearest vet. He was treated and made a full recovery, thanks to Salgado. It’s amazing that she risked her life to save this dog. He may not be alive today if it weren’t for her! Watch the daring rescue in the video below:

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